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If you are looking for the cheapest real estate in Australia you will find it within the greater Brisbane region. Russell Island boasts beautiful views, crystal blue bay water and some of the cheapest land in Queensland and probably Australia. Buy a building block on this place of paradise for as little as $50,000. Cheapest Land, Houses and Real estate in Queensland AustraliaHomes also sell quite cheaply for around $180,000. Why not by a block of land and build a cheap kit home on it? Your options are many.

Russell Island has been in the midst of an infrastructure boom with a brand new Supa IGA just opening as well as a police station and council swimming pool. Things are certainly developing here and there are several more projects currently with council such as 2 new proposed resorts one of them worth over $150 Million Dollars.

We always recommend that like any investment, you come over here and check it out for yourself. If you are like most people who come over here you won't be disappointed and in fact you will probably fall in love with this magical island.

When visiting Russell Island you can choose to stay at the local motel or one of several holiday homes (minimum 2 nights stay).

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